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The First 10 Minutes of Your Morning Determines Your Day (and Your Life)


That pesky alarm clock.  It always goes off too early; it just can’t be time to get up already. But it is. So we sit up, feeling groggy and still half asleep; we make our way to the kitchen to get the coffee going, and maybe head for the shower or just sit in a “fog” until that first shot of caffeine hits our system. The day has begun.

This can be your wake up routine every day, and you will certainly survive and get through your day. What if just 10 minutes, however, could make your mornings totally different? And what if that first 10 minutes would change your entire day – making you more alert, more physically energized and healthier. Just 10 minutes. If you are willing to give it a try, here are your first 10-minutes every morning.

Stretching – 2 ½ Minutes

When you first wake up, sit up in bed. Here is your two-minute routine.

  1. Bring your arms up above your head and clasp your hands. Bend your body to the left and the right.
  2. Next stretch your neck to each side, forward and back.
  3. Get out of bed and stand on the floor. Spread your arms out on each side and twist your upper body left and right several times.
  4. Spread your legs apart well beyond your shoulders. Bend down and touch the floor with your hands. Try to stretch between your legs as far back as possible. Hold that position for about 15 seconds.
  5. With your legs still spread apart, bend one knee and stretch in that direction. Then repeat to the other side.

Warm Water with Lemon – 3 minutes

You have not had any liquid for 6-8 hours, and your body needs to be re-hydrated. Coffee does not do that. Warm a glass of water in the microwave and squeeze some lemon in it. You want it warm so that it does not shock your system; the lemon will work on getting your stomach ready for digestion. Then you may have any other beverage you wish – coffee, tea, soda – those things that really don’t hydrate you. You will be pretty surprised how much more energy you have quite quickly. And any food you eat will be digested easily and well.

Sit as you drink your water and think about only 3 things you want to accomplish during the day – just 3. You can even write them down.

Meditation – 2 Minutes

Now that you have had your water and thought about your day, it’s time to go within and have a little self-talk. Take two minutes to close your eyes and repeat a couple of mantras that are important to you. One might begin with, “I am grateful for….” Another might be, “I am a bright capable person and can accomplish anything I want.” You should repeat these several times. Your attitude for the entire day will be that much better.

Off to the Bathroom – First 2 Minutes

Before you get into that shower, take 120 seconds to brush your teeth and scrape your tongue – yes, scrape your tongue. Once you have done this for a week or so, you will never want to miss doing it again. For one thing, it gets rid of morning breath better than just brushing your teeth; second, you will be surprised how much better your food tastes throughout the day.

You can buy toothbrushes with scrapers attached to the back or stand-alone scrapers – plastic, stainless steel, or others with small bristles.

Still in the Bathroom – ½ Minute

Still in the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror and smile for 30 seconds. Think about anything pleasant, mischievous, or humorous, or just tell yourself that you are a pretty cool person who is ready to get things done today. It doesn’t have to be a huge grin, just something that helps you see a happy self, looking back at you.

Now you are ready to hop in the shower or have that first cup of coffee and get the spouse and/or kids up.

Over time, you will understand how this first 10 minutes is so important to your well-being. Even if you have to get up earlier than anyone else in the household, you will never miss that sleep time!

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  1. Hi Judy,
    Hi Judy,

    Really amazing thought… But I would like to add that we should use a nice ring alarm clock so that we can awake by listening a soothing ring tone… I always recommend to use best alarm clock instead of phone because at the time we awake to off the ring on phone, we start checking the emails & messages that way we will skip this amazing 10 mins morning routine.. so always use best alarm clock…


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