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Transactional Analysis (TA) Training – video clips


I've been asked to add into a Transactional Analysis training course for Managers some video clips to help them spot Parent, Adult, Child behaviour and communication in action.  My problem is the first session is Wednesday next week and I haven't the time to study lots of films to find good examples - anyone know of any good films or You Tube films I could use ?



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  1. …..anything from ‘Dad’s Army’ showing Mainwaring and Pike!….


    ~the famous clip of John Nott being patronised by Sir Robin Day and thus walking out in a huff


    ~Clive Anderson doing the same to the Bee Gees and them responding in kind

    Or a parent/parent example….Michael Caine on Parkinson explaining the origin of his mantra "use the difficulty"

    I hope these ideas help

    (sorry, I’ve just noticed that they are all exclusively male!)



  2. YouTube Videos

    Over the years I have pulled together a big collection of video clips which I use to illustrate different aspects of TA. Unfortunately it runs to a huge mount in terms of Disk Space and I don’t have the time to go back through YouTube hunting for all the original sources, but, here are some locations I have logged in my internet perambulations.

    The following set of TA videos is well worth looking at as a primer:

    Transactional Analysis 1: ego states & basic transactions

    Transactional Analysis 2: games

    Transactional Analysis 3: gimmicks

    An introduction to transactional analysis (Part 1)

    An introduction to transactional analysis (Part 2 )

    Parent Ego (Copied from the Parent)

    Out of control Parent Ego

    Adapted Child Ego in Development

    Adapted Child Ego in slightly older child

    Adapted Child in full grown adult.

    Free Child in the Office

    Free Child (No Temporal Frame – Doesn’t consider implications of actions)

    Conversation between an Adult Ego and Controlling Parent

    Web Sites:


  3. Overview

    "I’m not certain how the Pocket Books would work as they don’t have a publication that addresses TA as a subject on its own"

    From the original question it would seem that only an overview is needed and given the last minute nature of the request I am guessing the Managers are not expecting too much?

    Getting them to pre read a few pages of a pocket book (which also contains other useful information which will add value) is, in my opinion a good idea. Without any pre course work, just showing videos of behavioural styles would be a waste of time in my opinion.

    If the Managers see TA as being useful then they will no doubt attend a more formal TA type of training course.

  4. Book Route

    If the book route is prefereable then I’d go for the following booklet:

    Transactional Analysis in Organisations

    By Keri Philips 

  5. Pre Course Questionnaire

    While I’m thinking about this Diane I have a questionnaire that I’ve designed and used for exploring the Ego States, if you e mail me I can send it through to you and you could if you liked it employ it with this group?  – Just a thought. E mail me on gplatt(at) if you would like a copy.

  6. WOW!

    Garry hadn’t got the time to put together a full list of references but…….look what he produced as a quick reply, unpaid!


    Now that’s what I call the power of a community forum!

    Rock on TrainingZone.






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