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TrainingZone’s 2023 most popular reads

As we reach the end of 2023, it is time to take a look at which articles piqued our interest the most this year.

2023 has certainly continued the theme of uncertainty and discord that has pervaded the decade thus far. But we’ve also seen an expansion of understanding and knowledge sharing within the L&D industry.  

You lot have really held your own through all the chaos!

There has been a lot to discuss and learn – and important sparks of growth for us to follow as we flow into the next year. What, in particular, has grabbed your attention and got you talking over the last 12 months in L&D? It's time to find out...

1. Three key learning and development trends

You L&D fanatics have certainly been keen to learn about key trends in L&D, this year, to stay on top of your game. And kudos to you, because many of the predictions and trends have certainly steered us in the right direction. Robin Hoyle, Head of Learning Innovation at Huthwaite International, had our backs this year with his forecasted L&D trends for 2023…

2. Is 2023 the year for organisational learning over individual learning?

In our second of two forecasting articles that topped out this year, L&D heavyweight, Nigel Paine, was certainly on solid ground with his speculations on how organisational learning – not individual learning – will enable businesses to overcome their most complex problems. And we are sure to see more of the importance of collective problem-solving as we move forward into the new year.

3. Transform your organisation with apprenticeships

Erica Farmer, co-founder of Quantum Rise Talent Group Ltd, showed us some hard truths about apprenticeships back in February. And you lot keep coming back, again and again, to understand the real potential of apprenticeships and the big changes that are happening with all the unrealised potential. Lesson: don’t underestimate apprenticeships!

4. Ten ways to use coaching and mentoring as effectively as possible

Jackie Clifford, Director at Clarity Learning and Development, clearly resonated with you when she underlined the same L&D debates we are having in 2023 that we had in the 1990s. But it was her ideas on how to maximise the effectiveness of coaching and mentoring to boost the development of L&D leaders that really had you gripped.

5. Do you have a coaching culture and if not, why not?

Coaching culture is talked about a lot in the world of L&D, but we often lose a sense of what it actually looks like. Coaching expert, Matt Somers, did a fantastic job of laying out clearly what a coaching culture truly is and the merits of having one. It certainly went down a treat with our keen L&D-ers!

6. Increasing L&D strength and fitness with learner-centric strategies

After all the predictions and the trends forecasts, we start each year with new resolutions and goals for workplace learning. Learning Changemaker Laura Overton’s killer article on using a sustainable learner-centric focus to cultivate a future-fit team had you at ‘New Year’.

7. Re-imagining outdated DEI exercises to foster inclusion

DEI and culture change were slow to seep into the world of L&D, at first. But Lior Locher and Christine Allen’s direct series on How to bust DEI burnout and refuel your training programme has proved that L&D is invested in the shift that is happening. But it was this article in particular that had you hooked…

8. From practitioner to leader: How to transition to chief learning officer

We know how impactful a CLO in the right organisation can be. But it can be an impenetrable challenge when the world seems against you. In the first article of her series on becoming a successful CLO, Cathy Hoy, CEO and Co-founder of CLO100, shares how to navigate the transition and build a strong professional network.

9. The Rise of the Chatbots

AI has featured a lot in L&D this year – as it has done in a lot of sectors. Seemingly, the only clear thing about AI is that it isn’t going anywhere. L&D professionals alike were riveted as Raf Uzar, Head of Communication & Development at Penteris, shared the areas of L&D to be expanded by AI and potentially see the fastest changes.

10. Understanding fear of public speaking and how to get over it 

We were gripped as Dr Lynda Shaw PhD explored the intricacies of glossophobia – otherwise known as the fear of public speaking. It seems most of us have a relationship with this fear. But Dr Shaw’s article on how to beat the nerves and inspire confidence rallied the troops…

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Maddy Christopher

Deputy Editor at TrainingZone and HRZone

Read more from Maddy Christopher

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